ORIENTAL VISION, EUROPEAN FLAIR, this is C.T. Onglao Architects Inc., (formerly ADR Design Associates)‏

Conceived in Los Angeles over 25 years ago, C.T. Onglao has gone a long way and has indeed made its presence felt in the American design industry. The first Asian design company that successfully struck out on its own in a city where the mainstay of the design trade are the Filipino backroom staff, the company’s strength lies in the authenticity of its Managing Director-Principal Designer, Conrad Onglao’s East/West imagery and his exposure to and personal involvement in the work of many of the most important designers in the West Coast-now acknowledged as the centre of design in the United States.

C.T. Onglao Architects are today’s breed of architects and interior designers whose trainings and exposures are seemingly varied but whose goal is commonly shared-design excellence! Hence, every project’s requirement is meticulously attended down to the  minute details-be it a chic combination of modern style and past era’s elegance or a simply homey feel, C.T. Onglao makes it classy, sleek and stylish.

C.T. ONGLAO ARCHITECTS INC.,  Committed to meeting every client’s requirement on quality, on budget and on time.